From Bath, England to Your Bathroom

Taking a bath at home may not be your idea of a spa treatment but did you know that spas were created from the simple act of taking a bath? Roman public bathing rituals began offering saunas, massages as well as large mineral bathing areas as far back as 2nd century B.C. 

Today, most spas only offer the private services returning the traditional bathing ritual back into the home. 

The suggestion to take an epsom salt bath after a massage is based on the rich mineral baths available in places such as Bath, Somerset, England.  I know, I dipped my toes there! 

Thanks to our modern lifestyle we no longer have to rely on public baths to enjoy a relaxing therapeutic moment.   You can create your own mineral based bath at home with The Bathologist Fizzy Bath Soaks.  The Bathologist uses only the highest grades of dead sea and epsom salt  mixed with pure essential oils in three different beneficial blends.

Simply pour approximately one cup under running bath water and watch as it melts to create a luxurious private bath for a favourite fall moment!

Annette L. 

The Bathologist's Associate

Tip: To get the perfect bath temperature, simply hold your wrist, not your hand, in the water and check if it is too hot or too cold.

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