From Bath to Bathologist

From Bath to Bathologist

I never took many baths before I started to work at The Bathologist. Sure I tried a few different bath bombs that changed the water to multiple colours or I would pour cups of epsom salt into my bath hoping my stiff back would loosen up. It was maybe just once every few weeks I took a bath. Afterwards, my skin was always a bit itchy, enough to delay getting comfortable to sleep.  I didn’t search for any better bath products. I just thought my bath experience was all a bath could really offer. I was wrong. (It’s not easy to ever admit that!)

Like all employees that work at The Bathologist, I learned about our products by making them.  After witnessing the blending of quality essential oils and hand-sifting the bath soaks to ensure no lumps or bumps, I understood the high quality of The Bathologist.  Simple, clean ingredients to promote beneficial self-care. 

Welcome to The Bathologist. 

Annette L. 

The Bathologist’s Associate

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