Summer Baths

Some may think bathing in the summer is not a thing. Well, my mates, that is so far from the truth!   A summer bath relaxes and cools down the body helping to relieve bloating, inflammation, and sunburn.

Mix some cool water (not cold!)  into your bath just a few minutes before you plan to get out and you will feel brilliant. 
Perhaps you may wish to change the bath products you use during the summer. After the hot sun, hydration for your skin is very important for it to repair any sun damage.  Citrus aromas tend to be associated with the summer or mints can be very refreshing (mojitos, anyone!) 
The Bathologist recommends taking a morning bath on the weekend as it helps to simplify your thoughts and set a slower pace for the day. 
Either way, don't forget to moisturize after!  A moisturizer helps seal in all the benefits essential oils bring to your skin. 
The Bathologist's Associate

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